Unveiling Our Story of Transformation

Unveiling Our Story of Transformation

The Roots and Reach of Human Breeze

On a crisp, sunny winter morning in Loutraki, we found ourselves in a seaside café, coffee in hand, immersed in a dialog. The topic? Living and working in an era where technology seems to outpace human capacity, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and constantly trailing behind. As we pondered over our steaming cups, a question loomed large: How do we harness the power of our minds to unlock our true potential? How can we adapt and maintain our sanity in this relentless race?
Then, as our gaze drifted to the beach, an ancient tree caught our attention, standing stoically against the backdrop of the sea. It was in this moment of serenity that we found our epiphany: The Wise Tree of Transformation.

The answer to our quest was the very essence of this tree – to maintain our sanity, we need roots as strong and deep as those of this age-old tree. These roots, grounded firmly, provide stability and strength amidst the turbulent winds of change – a living embodiment of Ancient Philosophy, teaching us self-awareness, human connection, and the art of mindful living.
The trunk embodies the vibrant essence of positive psychology channeling the nutrients of ancient wisdom upwards to the branches, these limbs of neuroplasticity – flexible, constantly growing, reaching skyward. They symbolize the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of the human mind, adaptable and resilient.
And then, the leaves, each one vibrant and responsive, embody the essence of innovation and novelty. They dance in the winds of change, absorbing sunlight and ideas, synthesizing them to nourish the entire tree.

Welcome to Human Breeze

Where Science meets Ancient Wisdom for Extraordinary Results

We blend Ancient Philosophy with Positive Psychology and Neuroplasticity to empower your teams with resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset for overcoming limitations, driving innovation, and leading boldly into the future.

Let’s get personal and unveil our stories to each other

Thanasis Bobis: The HR Virtuoso with a Twist

Twenty-three years ago, I met Thanasis, and we quickly became more than just friends—we’re like brothers. Thanasis Bobis isn’t just another HR professional; he’s a standout, expertly navigating the complex world of Human Resources at big companies like Eurobank and Germanos Group. His work proves he’s excellent at tackling complicated challenges and guiding teams through changes.

Thanasis’s journey took an exciting turn as he transitioned from a corporate star to a wise mentor in the business world, diving into coaching and therapy. He combines ancient wisdom with modern science to enhance workplace performance. With over 8,500 hours dedicated to teaching leaders and another 6,000 hours in personal coaching, he deeply values ancient Greek principles of character, emotion, and logic, applying them across all aspects of his life—professionally, at home, and with friends.

Thanasis focuses on creating a supportive and open environment, crucial for personal and professional development. He practices what he preaches, embodying resilience and adaptability, making these qualities more accessible and inspiring others to embrace change.

Vasilis Valandreas: Bridging Humanity with Technology

Now, Vasilis – he’s a bit of a renaissance man. Sure, he’s got this cool background in tech and AI, but that’s just part of his story. He’s also an executive coach, and a meditation & breathwork trainer with a COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate. He sees technology as a tool not overshadow us but to uplift us. Plus, he’s a dad of 3 boys and a published author. Talk about wearing multiple hats!

Throughout his 30-year career, Vasilis has held tech leadership positions in various organizations, guiding teams through the complexities of innovation and digital transformation. His leadership style is not just about technical expertise; it’s about empowering people, fostering Agility, Authenticity and Trust, for cultivating a culture of human connection.

Vasilis’s journey has led him to explore the power of personal development, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. He believes that technology should not replace humans but rather amplify human potential.

His trainings and coaching sessions are not just about imparting technical knowledge; they are transformative experiences that integrate Stoic wisdom with the transformative power of Neuroplasticity for empowering individuals and organizations develop their inner strength, adaptability, and resilience.

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